Sunday, 27 January 2013

REVIEW: Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing Exfoliating Scrub

I received these salt scrubs in my Glossybox and Joliebox which I previously subscribed to. Over the time that I had my subscriptions I received 4 packets of these which I never used and just put them to the side for another day. Quite recently I had used up my current scrub and I remembered that I had these. I didnt know what to expect from the product before I opened the packet and I just imagined it to be a plain salt scrub without any oils or fragrance.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packet and the first thing that hit me was the sweet smell. The scrub is combined with oils and a lovely refreshing citrus smell. The salt particles are a good size but not too big so they dont scratch. The oils cover your skin which you instantly notice and they leave it really soft and cleansed. I think some people may find it a little too oily but this is one of the things I liked most about it. The packet gave me just the right amount for what I needed but I still wanted to use more because I thought it was a really lovely product.

I dont use scrubs very often in the winter because my skin gets very dry so I dont want to irritate it but I will be using these again when the weather starts to get warmer. When I have used the remaining ones I will most definitely buy a full size tub. The full size is priced at £13.30 for 500 ml which I think is very reasonable for such a lovely product.

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  1. I got this too in my glossybox, it wasn't too bad but I found it too oily!!


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